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November 13, 2012 broadcast

Philip and Kathleen discuss the US elections, and how the results of these elections underline what the 2012 phenomenon is truly all about – moving forward, rather than trying to hunger for an outdated model of the world that is centuries old. They also delve into conspiracy theories – especially those promoted by the Republican Party and largely aired via FOX News – which should truly become part of a conspiracy theory themselves. Why is it that there are so many attempts for fearmongering, whereas we should all embrace happiness and make the best of our lives.

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November 6, 2012 broadcast

Kathleen interviews Philip, on his latest book, The Lost Civilization Enigma. In the book, the natural successor to The Ancient Alien Question, the question posed, and answered, is that we are not the first: there is evidence from across the world that there were lost civilizations, from the depths of the Amazon, to Asia, and the Atlantic Ocean. Yet somehow, these civilizations are shunned from history books and discussions. And so much, which should be discussed, is equally excluded, as it paints a picture that shows that our ancestors were more civilized and advanced than the reigning paradigm wants to credit them with. It is a shame, for as a consequence, the roots of Mankind and our civilization, remain nebulous – though some light can be shown on them!

Website information:

The Lost Civilization Enigma on Amazon.com

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October 30, 2012 broadcast

David Weatherly brings us face to face with the story of The Black-Eyed Children. For some time, children with completely black eyes have been turning up, causing great fear and disturbance with the families they encounter. What are they? Alien hybrids? Vampires? Interdimensional travelers? Or a combination of all those? Weatherly has been mapping and tracking reports of anomalous encounters with these beings and is adamant than when you encounter them, you should definitely not let them in. They might be responsible for the disappearance of hundreds of people… if not much more.

Website information:

David Weatherly’s The Black-Eyed Children book
David Weatherly’s website

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October 9, 2012 broadcast

Sam Osmanagic is the discoverer of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. Since 2006, the town of Visoko has become the site of the largest archaeological excavation, in which a number of pyramid complexes, tunnels, temples and various settlements are uncovered and explored. The project, however, has had very vociferous adversaries – those archaeologists that were left out and made sure that they would do everything to debunk the finding. But six years on, there is undeniable proof that the pyramids are manmade. Osmanagic, however, goes further and a series of experiments are underway to explore the purpose of the purpose, as well as highlighting some of the knowledge and understanding our ancestors had in the creation of this complex.

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October 2, 2012 broadcast

The discovery of a document that reveals Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and that she was among his disciples continues to dominate the media, with the Vatican coming out and giving its opinion that this is clearly a fraud. Is it? More than likely not. Kathleen reiterates how the role of Mary Magdalene has been consistently manipulated so that the truth would not be revealed. Philip focuses on an article that exposes The One Percent and argues that democratic actions have every chance of success in bringing The One Percent down.

Website information:

James Tabor’s article on the Jesus wife text
The One Percent Exposed

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September 25, 2012 broadcast

Has new evidence been uncovered that Jesus was indeed married to Mary Magdalene? And can we see the tentacles of academic-Vatican control in this saga as it is unfolding? A controversial book, Breaking the Mirror of Heaven, lists a series of allegations against Dr Zahi Hawass, highlighting what his 30 years in charge of Egyptian Antiquities has done to our understanding of this civilization. Can Egyptology recover? Finally, Philip reports about visiting the Bosnian Pyramids for the fourth time, providing an update of what has happened in the last few years and how the project is making big strides in our understanding of pyramids.

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September 18, 2012 broadcast

The Veil of Manoppello is an enigmatic Christian relic, depicting the face of Jesus Christ and on display in the tiny Italian town of Manoppello. The veil is made out of mussel silk, which cannot be painted upon and how the image came upon this cloth therefore remains unknown. The material was also extremely rare and expensive. Furthermore, the face is identical to that of the Turin Shroud – though differs as it has its eyes open, which is why tradition identified it with the Veil of Veronica, even though it is unlikely this was the true Veil of Veronica. Join Kathleen and Philip as they discuss the mysteries and possibilities of this enigmatic artifact!

Website information:

Kathleen’s blog on the Veil of Manoppello

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August 28, 2012 broadcast

Philip interviews Kathleen about her latest novella, The Ballad of Tam Lin, which is a modern rendition of the medieval fairy tale, in which a young man has been taken to the Fairy Realm, leaving his young love the task of rescuing him from the hands of the Fairy Queen. Set in the Scottish Borders, they discuss how this land has kept its close bonds with the fairy realm throughout the centuries, and how the legend of Tam Lin remains specifically poignant to us today, as it also offers insights into e.g. the so-called UFO abduction phenomenon. Kathleen’s novella is part fiction, part non-fiction, offering novel and interesting background and insights into the genre.

Website information:

The Ballad of Tam Lin on Amazon.com (Kindle)
Kathleen’s blog, Legends of the Divine Feminine

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August 21, 2012 broadcast

Kathleen and Philip discuss where we are with just a few months to go before December 21, 2012. What will you be doing? Where will you be? Are you worried, or not at all? Will you be doing something special? It is clear that some people will see Christmas as far more important, while some want to celebrate the solstice in a special manner. And where are we? Is 2012 the time of a Spirit Revolution? If so, how are we heading its call? What are the challenges we are facing? How are we bringing about active change? Or are we instead opting for a passive approach?

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August 14, 2012 broadcast

We are back from travelling and report on our summer, starting with Lourdes, one of the most popular shrines of Christianity and a veritable Las Vegas. Next, we are off to Manopello and the Veil of Veronica, one of the rising relics which validates the image of the Turin Shroud. Then we are heading to the French town of Cahors and its Holy Cap, also linked with the Passion. Find out what is real… and what Wikipedia told us about this. Next stop is Liverpool and the Beatles and the remarkable origins of this group, before we go into outer space and talk about Philip’s antithesis to the Zoo Hypothesis: The Nursery Hypothesis, which suggest has gently guided us throughout history, rather than remain a distant… alien.

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July 24, 2012 broadcast

Jan Peter de Jong worked in the tourist industry in Cusco, Peru, when he came across an indigenous tradition that approached the monuments thousands of tourists visited each year from a totally different perspective. He decided to document this lore, which was told to him by the son of Alfredo Gamarra. Gamarra explained the different styles of the Peruvian monuments, showing some predated the Inca by thousands of years and were part of a culture that existed across the world, and whose traces could still be seen in many of the most revered and ancient monuments.

Website information:

The Cosmogony of the three Worlds on Amazon.com

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July 17, 2012 broadcast

The UFO phenomenon has been with us since 1947. For some, they are misidentifications of terrestrial craft. Others seem them as nuts and bolts ET spaceship. But some have seen in these objects a type of intelligence, which uses plasma – a form of light – to manifest, or which is somehow manifested through plasma. In LightQuest, Andrew Collins goes onto a quest to explain the UFO phenomenon from this perspective, finding evidence in various cases. He finds that this intelligence has been around for centuries, if not millennia, and may have created some of the myths like Beowulf.

Website information:

Andrew Collins’ Light Quest on Amazon.com

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July 10, 2012 broadcast

There are dozens and at one point hundreds of mounds in North America, which are testimony to the existence of a lost civilization. Ross Hamilton has been studying one of its most famous examples, Serpent Mound, for many years. But when he looked at other such mounds, he realized that they all incorporated stellar information, specifically that they were built in accordance with the stars, creating heaven on earth. Hamilton delves into the history of the mounds, explaining they are older than we today consider, and that they take us to a time which shows that the “New World” was far older than we think it is.

Website information:

Ross Hamilton’s Star Mounds on Amazon.com

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July 3, 2012 broadcast

In The Lost Worlds of Ancient America, Frank Joseph has collected 45 of the best articles that demonstrate that America was contacted by numerous civilizations long before Columbus and that the continent had civilizations which official history underrates when it comes to technological and other accomplishments. Joseph explains why the true history of America remains elusive and untaught in schools and tells us of a slow paradigm shift, in which some scientists are beginning to speak out and open up, allowing for a different view of history to slowly come about.

Website information:

The Lost Worlds of Ancient America on Amazon.com

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June 19, 2012 broadcast

Kathleen and Philip provide an update of the state of the world and the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau. 2012 is clearly a period of change, but where is it taking us? Are the changes those we want to see? And what about those forces that are desperately trying to cling on, if not return to an even more outdated model, one in which women apparently need to loose all of their earned rights again? At the same time, there is information from Rennes-le-Chateau that a famous hoaxer has now confessed to a series of his hoaxes, but the damage is done and those involved with the man seem slow to blame themselves for their role in yet another treasure hunt.


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June 12, 2012 broadcast

Beth Tiger was approaching forty, married with two children. Then, there was divorce. As she was recovering from this trauma – rising from her ashes – she realized divorce is like rebirth. But she also realized there were key lessons which she had failed to learn before her marriage, which had caused its demise. Since, Beth has found true happiness and has become a life coach, trying to guide people through and over divorce, instilling in them the core message that you need to be whole as a person before being able to make relationships succeed.

Website information:

Rising from the Ashes of Divorce on Amazon.com
Beth Tiger’s website

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June 5, 2012 broadcast

Two decades ago, Duncan Lunan stumbled upon a short reference to the appears of Green Children that appeared out of nowhere in the late 12th century in the small English village of Woolpit. Two decades later, Lunan has been able to prove that the incident happened and attracted the active involvement of the highest authorities in the land, as well as that of the Pope. From the available evidence, he was able to conclude that the incident seems to be the tip of an iceberg, in which off-world abductions seem to have been going on since the Bronze Age, through a system that was known by the authorities and reactivated, it seems, because of extreme solar activity.

Website information:

Children From the Sky website
Children From the Sky on Amazon.com

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