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May 29, 2012 broadcast

Gary Evans is exploring the acoustic qualities of many ancient sites, after a fortuitous experience inside the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid drew his attention to an often overlooked component of ancient sites. He has identified that many sites, whether in Peru, Egypt or megalithic England, have acoustic qualities, which too few researchers have observed so far. But Gary’s special emphasis is practical experimentation: using his own voice to test how the sites react to sound. He advocates that we should all join in and be far more interactive when visiting the ancient monuments.

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Atlantis Evidence website

May 15, 2012 broadcast

Raymond Wiley is a native of Georgia who became intrigued by the mysterious Georgia Guidestones, deemed to be America’ most mysterious modern monument. No-one knows who built it and the “guidelines” that the unknown builder inscribed in them, have created enormous controversy. Some see evidence for inciting genocide, others link him with the New World Order. For years, Wiley researched the stories and conspiracies and has been able to draw some conclusions, not just on the monument, but on how conspiracy theories in America are evolving and shaping the nation.

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May 1, 2012 broadcast

Nicholas Mann has studied Glastonbury Tor for decades. This unique hill in Somerset has been the center of an active devotion for millennia and Nicholas has peeled off layer after layer. For example, that there are numerous sightlines towards this hill, which reveal important solar and stellar events; secret, underground tunnels; that there is a labyrinth on the Tor, and a zodiac surrounding it. He shows that Glastonbury is a pole that has attracted our ancestors – and modern man – to this region to make contact with the divine.

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Nicholas Mann’s website
Nicholas Mann’s guide to Glastonbury Tor

April 24, 2012 broadcast

Scott Alan Roberts is the author of The Rise and the Fall of the Nephilim. In it, he picks up where he left off during his studies of divinity: answering questions as to who the Nephilim were. Fallen Angels? Watchers? He shows that the landscape of otherworldly beings that came to Earth is far more complex than many assume and makes order in this nebulous territory. However, in the final analysis, it is clear that Mankind was never as alone as we often think we were and there is supportive evidence from various cultures to underline this.

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The Paradigm Symposium

April 17, 2012 broadcast

Bill Kennedy is organizing a unique trip to Peru, guided by Philip Coppens. Taking in such sites as Nazca, the pyramids at Caral, Puma Punku, Cusco, Macchu Picchu and so much more, Bill and Philip explore the magic, mystery and beauty of Peru, from the archaeological treasures, to the culinary highlights. 500 years ago, the Inca civilization was still intact, which makes it so touchable. It will be a unique experience… and not to be missed.

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Mystic Travel’s tour of Peru

April 10, 2012 broadcast

Kathleen and Philip discuss Marian Apparitions. Today, apparitions of the Virgin Mary, especially those at Lourdes and Fatima, are extremely popular. But is it real? Or is the Church instead carefully manipulating a paranormal phenomenon and molding it for its own purposes? Why did it keep one of the principal witnesses of Fatima, Lucia Santos, in solitary confinement for more than seven decades? What is the truth about the Secrets of Fatima? What is at the core of these apparitions?



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Philip’s article on the Fatima apparitions

April 3, 2012 broadcast

Psychic archaeology is an open-minded approach to history and archaeology, in which the mind is opened to the spirit of the site, or one is led through other psychic means, like Bligh Bond did in Glastonbury Abbey and Andrew Collins has demonstrated on numerous, more recent examples. Rather than put a theory out there, it allows one to come to a place with an open mind and draw the conclusions, rather than the scientific, close-minded approach that limits these experiences.



March 27, 2012 broadcast

Philip looks back on his and Kathleen’s recent travels in Britain, Scotland and France and pieces together how many people are making radical changes in their life, in efforts to fulfill their mission and calling in life. A sign of our times, and set against a backdrop of the 2012 phenomenon. Southern France is offering a classic stand-off between fear-mongering and hope and having spent a few days with Duncan Roads, the editor of NEXUS Magazine, Philip reflects on the message of hope, rather than fear, which is a rare commodity these days.

February 28, 2012 broadcast

James Wasserman is the author of numerous books, including the recent The Temple of Solomon, in which he maps the colorful history of the most sacred site in the world. Both the Temple and the Ark of the Covenant live on in myth, from the Knights Templar to Masonry. But what is the real treasure? And how does it compare to that other sacred design, the Masonic Plan for Washington DC? Where do these ancient and sacred principles meet today’s harsh and often war-torn policies that occupy these power places?

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February 21, 2012 broadcast

Kathleen and Philip discuss otherworldly dimensions that might be present on planet Earth. From the story of the Green Children of Woolpit in medieval England, the story of fairies, timeslips, and even UFO abduction stories, all of them speak of travel between dimensions that does not rely on rocket technology. It seems the Earth once had – and still has – zones through which we can pass to other dimensions and in previous centuries, stories grew up about such events happening, as well as tales of warning, so that no-one would venture there unknowingly.

February 7, 2012 broadcast

The likes of Ricky Gervais and Bill Maher have recently been very vociferous about their atheism. Science is largely atheist. And many atheists consider themselves not be a religion. But they clearly are and many are obviously also on a crusade. Atheism is largely an intellectual knee-jerk reaction to some of the negative experiences people have with religion. But they then confuse religion with spirituality and questions about God and the divine. Experiencing the divine is not a matter of reason, or religion, but of the heart.

January 31, 2012 broadcast

Eleanor O’Rourke is the author of “40 Days, 40 Nights”, her journey to find her “creative mojo”, which took her from her native England to France. Eleanor was dissatisfied with the reigning paradigm and realized that everything the self help movement had to offer, did not create lasting results. So, instead, she went to find the answers herself. She came away realizing that we need to reconnect with our creative powers, connect with our emotions in a novel way, and then lasting transformation will occur.

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January 24, 2012 broadcast

Lavandar’s path was awoken through a series of remarkable meetings, with the likes of UFO contactee George Van Tassel and astrologer Linda Goodman – and several others. Each one carried part of the puzzle, which she realized formed a larger whole: that we come here with a specific mission in life. Through her work as an astrologer, she searched for “codes” in someone’s birth chart that revealed certain people’s missions and she created a support network, the Starseed Academy, that would help these people along their path. Identifying and embracing one’s mission is an age-old invitation from the cosmos, detailed in the Hermetica, and the backbone of many ancient cultures, topics which Lavandar has explored in great detail.

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The Starseed Academy

January 17, 2012 broadcast

Kathleen and Philip discuss conspiracies, from the Kennedy assassination, to the Illuminati, and where this leaves us in today’s world. Movies like “Thrive” have recently tackled these ideas, but largely disempower the viewer. Are we indeed powerless, or are we meant to feel powerless? At the same time, conspiracies become more and more in the eye of the media, including the famous Obama is not a US Citizen that was even a trump card played by some presidential candidates. How do we disentangle the fabricated from the true, and how do we progress from here, making sure that our voice is heard?